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10-03-2009 // photo gallery / slideshow

TN2Gallery  Type: commercial
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The TN2Gallery Flash component is a powerful XML driven Flash photo gallery with flexible thumbnail options, transition effects, and navigation controls. Photos can be categorized into galleries and include descriptions.

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Gallery features:

• Automatic slideshow display
• Numbers can be optionally displayed instead of thumbnails.
• Horizontal or vertical orientation
• Full screen mode option
• Fully skinnable
• Customizable background/borders
• Rollover thumbnail preview
• Built-in thumbnail shaders and borders
• Optional image description
• Auto size
• Component Inspector, XML file or AS

An optional admin panel can be purchased in order to upload, tag and manage photos and galleries through a database. Includes automatic Flash slideshow options. Available for ActionScript 2.0 only.

Admin features:

• Flash based administration interface
• Automatic thumbnail creation
• Image tagging
• Multiple image upload
• Images can belong to multiple galleries
• Built-in search capabilities to locate images in the admin panel.