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FlashEff Premium 2.0

01-08-2009 // text effects // visual effects

FlashEff Premium 2.0 Type: commercial
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FlashEff Premium is an advanced Flash CS3, CS4 effects component for easing the animation/transition process. Now you have over 3000 effects made by our best flash designers, dozens of high-quality effect patterns and brand new professional flash filters.

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 High-Quality Patterns: Over 100 effect patterns, each of them enabling you to achieve a certain type of effects by tweaking its advanced settings. Most patterns are so complex that you won't even assume that their various resulted effects should be part of the same family.
With FlashEff2 you also get over 3000 preset effects, so you don't have to deal with pattern settings all the time.
 Custom Tweening: Change tween type, easing equation, and duration. Most effects can be radically and dramatically modified just by changing their tweening type or by simply using a different easing equation.
 Tweak Effects: Edit the settings of each pattern individually to create your desired effect from scratch. It takes a little to find the right settings, but it brings uniqueness to your animations.
 Show/Hide Effects: FlashEff has been such a success so far mainly due to its high quality show/hide effects and to the ease of use that these transitions bring. Normally it would take hours or days - not to mention the skill needed - just to build a complex build in and out transition that FlashEff does in seconds.
 Text Effects: The main purpose of FlashEff is to improve the way text appears and looks within a Flash movie. This is why we've developed about 70 patterns especially for TextFields.
 Partial Text Effects: Create show/hide effects on text only on specific or random groups, such as lines, words or even characters. An advanced setting that allows you to make truly unique text effects in seconds!
 Symbol Effects: These effects treat the entire object (symbol or text) as a whole. They can be applied on movie clips and text to enable the kind of transitions we started to deliver with the MCTE a few years ago.
 Filters: Apply static or animated (loop) filters on objects. Filters work either individually, or together with show/hide transition effects for any given object.
 Button Commands: Once you created a button with the Button mode, you will need to assign it some actions - like following an URL, calling a function or going to a different frame - whenever it gets clicked. There is no coding involved, no event listeners to write whatsoever.