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FlashEff Free 2.0

01-08-2009 // text effects // visual effects

FlashEff Free  2.0 Type: freeware
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FlashEff 2.0 Free is the limited edition of FlashEff Premium, it includes 100 FlashEff Patterns. Create cool transition effects and interactive actions on visual objects and texts.

FlashEff 2.0 Free version includes all FlashEff 2.0 Patterns but only a single default preset for each. Also, custom tweening, custom presets, tweaking presets and other commercial features are restricted. FlashEff 2.0 Free is designed for evaluation and it is licensed ONLY for non-commercial purpose according to our License Agreement.

 Build in, build out an object (image, movieclip, text) using a single instance of the FlashEff component, configured in seconds. These animations are especially useful on intros, banners and headers, but they can also be used on dynamic applications easily.
 Create animated buttons starting from a single visual element. Than, using a single pattern turn it into an animated button with actions to use without coding.
 Perform commands and trigger actions on any event such as rollOver, press or doubleClik.
 Add static or animated filters to any visual object within Flash CS3/CS4.
 Most of the patterns can be combined to create complex animated objects.