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ultimateScroller PRO

10-03-2009 // user interface

ultimateScroller PRO  Type: commercial
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ultimateScroller is an easy to use Flash scroller component written in AS3, that can scroll movie clips and dynamic text fields. Includes drag scrolling, easing, motion blur, mouse wheel scrolling and CS3 skinning.

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• Scroll movie clips or dynamic textfields
• Simply drag and drop the ultimateScroller PRO alongside a target, enter the instance name and you're set to go.
• Use the built-in mask to automatically confine the displayable contents to the scroll area
• Add motion blur to the content while easing. The amount of blur is adjustable.
• Option to allow users to click and drag on the scrollable content instead of using the scrollbar.
• Includes built-in mouse wheel scrolling support
• Option to allow users to scroll the content by using the keyboard arrow keys.
• The scroller can be set to hide automatically when there is not enough content to require a scroller.
• This scroller works with either vertical or horizontal scrolling or both simultaneously.
• Choice of built-in skinnable 3D style and plain line borders or no borders at all.
• Adjusts to movie clip size automatically
• Scrolls on the whole pixel, ensuring that pixel fonts are kept crisp and clear at all times.
• Full dynamic control through Actionscript
• Set the scroll buffer to add more white space to the end of the scrolling movie clip.
• Only 14kb! Super light weight.