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11-03-2009 // user interface

colorPicker  Type: commercial
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A Flash color picker with basic and advanced modes which include HEX, RGB, CMYK and HSV formats as well as a built-in eyedropper tool. Users can create and save their own color palettes for each instance of the colorPicker.

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• Basic and advanced mode which includes tabs for entering colors in RGB, CMYK and HSV format
• Users can create and save their own multiple custom palettes for each colorPicker instance
• Multiple colorPicker instances can be set to use the same choice of user created custom palettes
• Custom palettes are saved to the users' workstations using Flash's Shared Objects
• Developers can custom define the basic palette color palette and size of the color squares through XML • Colors can be selected from anywhere on the Flash stage with the built-in eyedropper tool
• The developer can create multiple pre-defined custom palettes in an XML file
• Background and text color as well as all icons all customizable and skinnable to suit your desired look
• Full ActionScript API