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Flash wallpaper

Flash tools for creating interactive desktop wallpapers and applications.

Flash2X Wallpaper Maker 3.0.0

Last modified: 03-31-2009 | category: wallpaper | dload#: 3070 | type: free to try
Flash2X Wallpaper Maker 3.0.0
Flash2X Wallpaper Maker is a program to convert SWF files into Flash wallpapers. It creates Flash wallpaper installars and allows users to install Flash wallpapers easily.

Sparkle SWF Desktop 1.0

Last modified: 03-17-2004 | category: wallpaper | dload#: 2317 | type: free to try
Sparkle SWF Desktop 1.0
Sparkle SWF Desktop comes in two editions, Standard and Professional. Users are able to produce rich media desktops complete with an installer.

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