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ActiveSWF Pofessional 2.5.6

Last modified: 12-12-2005@13:50 | Downloads: 3448 | Page views: 16688
ActiveSWF Pofessional 2.5.6
ActiveSWF is innovative rich media platform specially designed for web developers and Flash professionals building applications for Windows and .NET.

ActiveSWF is a powerful toolkit for web developers and Flash professionals who intend to generate dynamic Macromedia Flash content. It can be programmed to create Flash movies using XML for Flash movie description. ActiveSWF XML notation provides simple and obvious way for Flash content specification.

ActiveSWF gives a significant power into the hands of Flash developers, it allows to create professional Flash content on the fly obtaining XML data from any sources. ActiveSWF is based on COM technology and is therefore compatible with most programming languages for desktop and server side development.

ActiveSWF supports almost all Macromedia Flash primitives. Audio and image compression methods allow to significantly reduce movie size with minimum quality loss.