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Screenweaver HX 1.0

Last modified: 10-07-2008@13:19 | Downloads: 3506 | Page views: 15666
Screenweaver HX 1.0
Screenweaver is software for building Cross-Platform RIDAs (Rich Interfaced Desktop Applications). It separates application logic and application interface concerns, so experts at either end can focus on what they do best.

• Screenweaver comes with easy to use Wizards and a full fledged Editor with massive capabilities.
• Screenweaver provides a Programming Interface which is directly accessible from ActionScript enabling the developer to control the way the application interacts with the user and the operating system during runtime. No more \\\'fscommand\\\' hassle.
• Screenweaver provides many ready made Flash Components, you can start building flash enabled desktop applications quickly.
• Using the SWF Monitor, Screenweaver tightly integrates with the Flash authoring environment, enabling fast and easy development and bug fixing. (The Monitor is not present in current release)
• The Screenweaver interface itself is a powerful testimony of the use of Flash as a rich desktop client. We used Screenweaver to build Screenweaver