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SWF and FLV Player 3.0.71

Last modified: 01-07-2012@23:41 | Downloads: 3082 | Page views: 18526
SWF and FLV Player 3.0.71
SWF & FLV Player is a powerful but tiny Flash movie player. It features advanced and unique functions that allow you to not only play, rewind, fast-forward and preview SWF and FLV files frame-by-frame, but also create and manage playlists and save Flash movies directly from websites.

SWF & FLV Player also offers the ability to save currently played Flash movie, no matter where it is loaded from, switch to full-screen viewing mode and capture SWF frame screenshots.

- Play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, frame-by-frame preview and browse through Adobe SWF/FLV files
- Browse URLs to discover all Flash movies they use and download SWF/FLV files from web-pages
- Open and play any SWF/FLV file on the web directly (PRO version only)
- Save Flash movies to hard drive with all the external resources they uses (PRO version only, featured in beta mode)
- Easy-to-use zoom in/out, on-screen preview option to display specific part of SWF file
- Play Flash movies in full-screen (PRO version only)
- SWF/FLV playlists management with shuffle mode
- Capture SWF/FLV frame screenshots (PRO version only)
- Convert SWF/FLV into image series (PRO version only)
- Unique heuristic algorithms to determine Flash movie end
- Obtain detailed file information about SWF/FLV files (size, SWF version, frame rate, shapes/morphs/fonts/ActionScript/sounds/etc.)
- Restrict access to external resources such as sending/receiving data via Internet or using third-party SWF resources by managing advanced security options
- Handy flash movie playback quality control lets you adjust application resources load to your system configuration
- Fit into current window and restore the original SWF file size in one click
- Built-in sound volume control
- Easy-to-use and intuitive interface