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secureSWF 3.5

Last modified: 03-04-2009@00:42 | Downloads: 10368 | Page views: 23510
secureSWF 3.5
Protect SWF files from Flash decompilers. secureSWF is the most sophisticated ActionScript obfuscation, code protection, and SWF encryption solution for Adobe Flash and Flex.

It provides state-of-the-art techniques to stop Flash decompilers, prevent illegal copying and redistribution, and help you increase your Flash application's security.

- All ActionScript Versions on Every Platform.
- All Flash File Formats: SWF, SWC, and AIR.
- Smart and Aggressive Identifiers Renaming.
- Stop Flash Decompilers: Watch decompilers crash.
- String Encryption: Encrypt sensitive data.
- Code Optimization: Protected files can be smaller and faster.
- Access Limitation: Domain lock and encrypted loader creator.
- Build Integration: Command-line and Ant script interfaces.