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Magic Swf2Avi 3.0

Last modified: 05-22-2005@23:56 | Downloads: 4511 | Page views: 16760
Magic Swf2Avi converts Macromedia Flash SWF to AVI,VCD Mpeg,DVD Mpeg,SVCD Mpeg video file with move clips and clear audio.

With Magic Swf2Avi, an AVI file in any resolution and any frame rate can be output from swf file, so that you can use this video file in video edit program such as After effects and Adobe Premiere. And with Magic Swf2Avi, you can now convert and burn your favorite flash files to VCD or DVD disc.

• Batch conversion for Swfs to AVIs.
• Batch conversion for Swfs to DVD MPEGs.
• Batch conversion for Swfs to VCD MPEGs.
• Batch conversion for Swfs to SVCD MPEGs.
• Batch conversion for Swfs to GIFs.
• Conversion with lossless audio data.
• Convert one frame swf sprite animation.
• Convert to TIFF and TGA images sequence.
• Extract Mp3 sound.
• With alpha transparent channel.
• Capture a frame to a bmp or a tiff file with alpha channel.
• Provide seek controller that help to fast locate frame number range for conversion.
• Support Flash 6 compressed movie.
• No skip frames during conversion.
• Customizable dimensions for exported video .
• Customizable frame rate for exported video .
• User specifies the start and end frame number to convert.