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Esquimo 1.3

Last modified: 04-13-2012@12:37 | Downloads: 446 | Page views: 9294
Esquimo 1.3
Esquimo is a software that allow you to make 3d animations played by Flash Player. The output file is lightweight SWF file which you can easily embed in website.

Changes added in version 1.3:
- GPU rendering (Flash player 11)
- cartoon shader
- dynamic lights ( up to 6 ), work with textured objects too
- smooth shading mode
- blending modes for transparent objects: normal and add
- PNG alpha channel support

List of key features:

-User friendly GUI
-Superlight file size
-12 built in easy customizable geometry objects
-geometry import - 3DS, LWO and STL formats supported including textures if available
-dynamic and static lights, divided into point and directional
-4 types of cameras: free camera, target camera and photo target ( used to navigate among predefined camera positions ), presentation camera
-render engine selection ( Ninevectors/Adobe)
-textures support (currently on plane and imported meshes only)
-unique object features like shaking lines, vertex distortion, geometry tiling
-animation creation based on keyframes
-objects grouping, both group and its members can be animated independently
-transparent background support
-event handling( mouse click, mouse over/out with series of predifined reactions )
-simple in use API