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Aleo Flash Intro and Banner Maker 2.0

Last modified: 03-26-2008@19:06 | Downloads: 2738 | Page views: 22011
Flash authoring tool to help you create Flash intros, AD banners and ecards.

• Wizard style user interface, extremely easy to use;
• Customize width, height, frame rate of Flash movie;
• Add border to Flash movie;
• Add MP3 or WAV file to Flash movie as background sound effect;
• Add preloader to Flash movie;
• Add multiple images or Flash movies to background;
• Lots of background effects to select from, all of them are customizable;
• Add multiple background effects to Flash movie;
• Set background of Flash movie as transparent, solid color, linear gradient color, radial gradient color;
• Display texts as dynamic effects one stage by one stage, or display as static texts on background;
• Unlimited stages of animated text effects;
• Unlimited lines of text effect in one stage;
• Customize font style, size, width and height scale, transparency, rotation, border of text, set fill style of text as solid color, linear gradient color and radial gradient color;
• Set different font style of texts in one line.