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Mp3 to Swf Converter 3.0

Last modified: 08-11-2008@02:58 | Downloads: 16088 | Page views: 58816
Mp3 to Swf Converter 3.0
MP3 to SWF Converter converts MP3 or WAV files to streaming SWF files. It can convert a large-size MP3 or WAV file to a small-size SWF file

 Choose MP3/WAV files or record your voice, convert to SWF, upload SWF files to your website, copy HTML code and paste to your web page.
 You can create a sound SWF with several buttons (e.g. play, pause, stop) to introduce your product. And you can also create a sound only SWF as your web page background music.
 MP3 to SWF Converter can encode MP3 and WAV with different parameters (like sample frequency, bit rate and channels). You can set low frequency and low bit rate and mono channel to reduce SWF file size.
 MP3 to SWF Converter supports batch conversion. You can add multiple MP3/WAV files. You can also add a folder or drag and drop several MP3/WAV files and folders to its main window; it will search all MP3 and WAV files and add them to list.