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Real 3D Magazine Page Flip 5

Last modified: 01-28-2011@11:45 | Downloads: 3 | Page views: 9970
Real 3D Magazine Page Flip 5
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The most realistic 3D paper simulation done in Flash ! Get attention of your website visitors with amazingly realistic 3D interactive magazines, catalogs, brochures, books or newspapers.

- fully XML driven
- AS3 , powered by Away3D 3.5 engine
- highly customisable
- pages load one at a time, you can start listing before the loading finnishes
- bitmap smoothing for high resolution images
- pages can be static images jpg, png, gif
- pages can be fully interactive swf files that can contain music players, video players,
- animations, buttons, external links… all mouse events will work properly - you have unlimited possibilities for creating interactive magazines, brochures or catalogs
- optimized - the number of pages doesn’t affect the speed - average of 50 FPS with bitmap pages, 20 FPS with swf pages
- high number of pages supported, tested with 200+ pages
- paper bends in real time following the mouse movement
- paper waving effect - lighter paper waves more
- turning speed - choose the turning speedvia xml
- paper thickness - choose paper thickness via the xml
- page width and height via xml
- camera focus, distance, pan, tilt, zoom settings via xml