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FlashEff Nano 2.0

Last modified: 03-23-2011@23:01 | Downloads: 708 | Page views: 8473
 FlashEff Nano  2.0
The nano version of the no.1 Flash text and symbol effect tool. Optimized for less CPU usage, banner ads and mobile apps, FlashEff Nano includes the remake of the best performing patterns of FlashEff 2.0 and comes with over 750 effect presets

We've been consistently asked by Flash developers to create a mobile version of FlashEff 2.0 Premium Plus that would be lightweight, better performing and more affordable. FlashEff Nano was designed to run on all devices capable enough to run Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and extremely well on mobile phones and tablets.

Some of these patterns include more params (such as rotation or zoom) and they were all built to outperform the original effects.

Under the hood, the TweenNano engine and various other optimizations made the component run 10x faster. The engine has been reduced from about 19kb to less than 8kb resulting in lower file sizes especially important when creating banner ads and mobile apps.