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authorPOINT PowerPoint to Flash Converter 3.9

Last modified: 10-27-2006@17:19 | Downloads: 3896 | Page views: 21428
authorPOINT PowerPoint to Flash Converter 3.9
authorPOINT is a PowerPoint to Flash converter, which gets installed in PowerPoint as a plugin for easy PowerPoint capture and PPT to SWF conversion.

- Convert PPT to SWF format
- Capture PowerPoint presentations as you present.
- Customize presentations with author details, notes etc. after capture
- Synchronize PowerPoint presentations with pre-recorded audio/video files
- Automatic updates
- Create Flash presentations or convert to Windows Media or Real Media Formats
- Easy procedure to publish your presentations to a dedicated streaming media server for web based delivery to viewers
- Includes a Content Manager to manage presentations.
- Quick convert to Flash
- Presentations can be created for Desktop PCs as well as Pocket PCs
- Presentations can be used for employee training in business organizations through intranets, seminars, and in training sessions
- Can be used as a rapid e-learning tool to create PowerPoint based training modules with audio and video.