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PFlash 3.0

Last modified: 12-08-2011@11:06 | Downloads: 350 | Page views: 6059
PFlash 3.0
Create sophisticated drawings, animations and user interfaces using just JavaScript. Includes a complete IDE with syntax highlighting and code library. Exports to html.

PFlash allows you create interactive drawings, animations and user interfaces using JavaScript to be deployed as webpages, or NeoBook (from Neosoftware) desktop programs.

PFlash includes a complete IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with syntax highlighting, code library and export capabilities to generate webpages (.html) and/or NeoBook (from Neosoftware) files (.pub).

In order to deploy any work done with PFlash you will need to publish attached the pf3.swf file with it, as it has all the libraries and functionality to make it work.

Many samples ready to use included!