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123 Flash Forum 1.0

Last modified: 01-09-2011@23:01 | Downloads: 2211 | Page views: 12413
123 Flash Forum 1.0
123FlashForum is a free forum software, which can add a very unique forum written in Flash to your website. Flexible layout and outstanding thread, Post SWF file to thread easily, A powerful admin panel

- Flexible Layout, Outstanding Thread: It's more flexible to arrange the text and images, and to organize the layout of the thread to make it outstanding.

- Real-time communication, no need to refresh: A thread will be added or edited in real-time and the thread list will be updated instantly, no need to refresh.

- Easier to post flash animations: SWF file on the web can be easily posted to a thread, and a loading MC will be added automatically.

- Fully skinnable: Easier to develop fancy skins and change skin for it.