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Moho 5

Last modified: 11-14-2004@00:43 | Downloads: 6949 | Page views: 18759
Moho is a 2D vector-based cartoon animation application. Now available to Mac OS X and Linux users. Moho provides the complete set of tools for creating animated cartoons. Export your animations as AVI or QuickTime movies for output to videotape or as Flash SWF files for streaming over the web.

Some key features

• Vector-based system allows for unlimited editing without sacrificing quality
• Easily animate complex characters with Moho's unique bone system
• Combine fill and line styles to give your work a distinctive look
• Output your animations as AVI or QuickTime movies for output to videotape or streaming over the web
• Bone system with inverse kinetmatics
• Variable line widths: make your artwork more expressive.
• Line width scale compensation: smoothly zoom your artwork in and out. Sample
• Freehand drawing tool: quickly sketch out ideas using a virtual pen. Sample
• Import Adobe Illustrator files: re-use artwork from other vector-based programs.
• Layer masking: control and animate the visibility of a layer. Sample
• Motion blur: leave motion trails behind quick-moving objects. Sample
• Switch layers: rapidly flip between different drawings, great for lip-sync. Sample
• Virtual camera: simulate multiple layers of depth with easy-to-use camera tools. Sample
• 3D camera: the camera can also move in full 3D, allowing you to move around a scene.
• Onion skinning: view a scene at other points in the past and future to help time your animation moves.
• Hierarchical layers: organize complex projects into manageable units.
• Automatic lip-sync: you supply the mouth shapes and audio file, Moho animates it.