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Turbine Video Encoder 4.0

Last modified: 07-25-2006@03:11 | Downloads: 3136 | Page views: 11972
Turbine Video Encoder 4.0
Publish your video to the Web with Turbine Video Encoder. Converting video to the Flash format, Flash video players, visual FX, captioning audio mixing and more

Turbine Video Encoder was designed to be a complete Video to streaming Flash solution - please check the unique advantages of using Turbine:

 Fully-Customizable Players: Enhance your video with a wealth of professionally designed and fully customizable Video Players.
 Includes a Wide Range of Visual Effects: Inject new life into your video by using the more than 65 included FreeFrame Visual Effects.
 Avoid Codec Hell: By publishing to Flash Video format, over 98% of internet users will be able to see your video in their web browsers: codec hell is a thing of the past.
 Titles and Subtitles: Add text captions like titles and subtitles to create enhanced video experiences.
 Place a Logo or Watermark over your Video: A solid or transparent image can be placed over the video for watermarking, media branding or other purposes.
 Audio Recording: Record and mix your voice comments into the encoded video. Or mix-in an external audio file.
 Power with Simplicity: Publishing your video can be done in three simple steps. And more advanced users can customize other delicate aspects of the audio and video encoding.