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Starling Framework 1.3

Last modified: 04-21-2013@14:41 | Downloads: 1425 | Page views: 11072
Starling Framework 1.3
Starling is an Open Source Game Engine for Flash. Download and use it right away - no strings attached. And because it is Open Source, you're always in control: step through the code and learn from its internals. Everything is well documented and easy to understand. Drop your in-house engine and focus on your games!

Platform independent

Write your code once and deploy it - everywhere! As Starling is built on top of Adobe's Flash technology, it runs not only in the browser, but on all major mobile platforms out there, including iOS and Android. That simplifies your development, too: debug your game comfortably in the Flash Player, then deploy it on your mobile phone.

Amazing Performance, familiar API

Starling is a pure ActionScript 3 library that mimics the conventional Flash display list architecture. In contrast to conventional display objects, however, all content is rendered directly by the GPU - providing a rendering performance unlike anything before. This is made possible by Flash's Stage3D technology.

Embraced by Adobe, powered by the Community

Adobe supports the development of Starling and plans to integrate it tightly into its tools. You get the best of both worlds: corporate commitment and a vivid community. Starling's community is praised for its friendliness and is always there for you when you need help - 24/7.

- Multi-Platform
- Warp 9.1 Performance
- Hierarchical Display Tree
- Powerful Event System
- Particles, Particles, Particles
- Nifty Texture Support
- Display Resolution Awareness
- Texture Atlases
- Blend Modes
- Tweens
- Multitouch
- Bitmap Fonts
- Render Textures
- Extensibility