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Audio2SWF 1.0

Last modified: 05-17-2006@02:26 | Downloads: 2782 | Page views: 10710
Audio2SWF 1.0
Audio2SWF is an extremely easy program to convert your audio files into streaming Macromedia/Adobe Flash files. Audio2SWF is easy to use and is great for publising audio for websites.

 Output Macromedia Flash Video files (FLV).
 Output HTML files to quickly generate a web page for your audio.
 Output self-executables to run on Macintosh and Windows based computers.
 Supports audio formats: .aiff, .mp3, .wav
 Select your audio compression quality.
 Add customizable players to add playback controls, sound controls, scrub bars, and more.
 Add on click actions to launch web pages or load other SWF movie files.
 In and Out point editing to choose a section of a audio to encode
 Batch convert multiple sound files at once
 Save project files so you can save your work to allow you to make changes over time.