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ElectroServer 5.3.2

Last modified: 04-27-2011@02:23 | Downloads: 6313 | Page views: 21167
ElectroServer 5.3.2
ElectroServer is a multiplayer server that facilitates interaction between many connected users. Having been tested with tens of thousands of concurrent users, ElectroServer is highly scalable. In addition to multiplayer capabilities, it is used for real-time audio and video streaming and recording

ElectroServer works by allowing client applications, such as Flash, Java, C#, Objective-C, or Unity, to connect via socket to it and log in. This connection is persisted as long as the client wants to stay connected. While connected the server can push data to the client or the client can make requests of the server at any time.

- APIs for Flash, Unity3D, iPhone/iPad, Android, XNA, and Javascript/HTML5.
- Free 25 CCU license.
- Rock solid performance at scale,
- over 100,000 messages per second.
- UDP support for high packet rates.
- 2nd-generation binary protocol.
- More extension points than ever.
- Enhanced, multi-tiered security.
- Sleek new ES Admin interface.
- Extensive docs, and more than 40 examples.