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Sparkle Flash Keeper 3.0

Last modified: 06-12-2004@00:44 | Downloads: 6839 | Page views: 23615
Sparkle Flash Keeper 3.0
Sparkle Media released FlashKeeper 3.0. Browse and preview flash files on your local computer and local area network. Capture and categorize flash movies from websites, build screensavers, batch convert swf into projector, and more...

New in this version:

• Publishing flash movie to HTML format, you can set the bg color, dimension size, output properties,scale and alignment
• Screensaver bulider Expiration setting, you can generate unlock code to your screensaver
• Unprotect and Protect your flash movie
• Capture flash frame directly to wallpaper
• Optimized the flash downloading features

• Thumbnail view of flash movies
• Capture flash frame to picture (in Bmp, Gif, Jpeg format)
• Pack batch of flash movies to screen saver with Self-installation packages
• Browse and view flash files (swf and exe format) on your local computer
• Play flash movies by FlashKeeper player with cool skins
• Find flash movies in your local hard disk or on the internet
• Download and capture flash movie from any website just by clicking the Fk icon on your browser
• Automatic categorise the downloaded files
• Interconvert SWF and projector (EXE) individually or in batch(exe2swf,swf2exe)
• Create screen saver with batch of flash files
• Save flash movies as your favorites with quick shortcut
• Full support for Flash 4.0, 5.0 and Flash MX