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Namo FlashCreator 1.5

Last modified: 12-21-2004@23:40 | Downloads: 2492 | Page views: 13422
Namo FlashCreator has an easy-to-use interface and nine panels to create and modify almost all of the properties or settings of a Flash movie, such as shape, instance, text, or ActionScript.

• Support importing flash movies in *.swf format.
• Compatible with movies created with Flash v4, v5, v6 or v7 and full ActionScript support.
• Edit elements of imported *.swf files.
• Catch Movie from Browser.
• Provides a professional ActionScript editor with syntax highlighting, auto member list, parameter information and auto code completion.
• Support creating Motion Tween referring motioning around the canvas, scaling, rotating, and skewing.
• Guided Motion
• Mask Motion
• Support drawing and editing vector shape.
• Multibytes language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) text is supported perfectly.
• Apart from the event sound, Namo FlashCreator supports the stream sound too