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CU3ER 1.0

Last modified: 10-17-2011@12:04 | Downloads: 3681 | Page views: 19317
CU3ER 1.0
Flash 3D image slider you will love! CU3ER displays images in eye-catching 3D transitions. The image paths, sttings and caption texts are stored in an XML configuration file which makes it really simple to use.

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Available in Lite (Freeare) version.

 auto play
 description box
 debug mode - monitor framerate & memory usage
 any number .jpg, .png or .gif images
 3D transitions - global and/or custom for each slide
 rounded corner(s) for navigation & description box
 set coordinates, dimensions, orientation, color & alpha information
 custom twining for all UI elements
 10 navigation symbols to choose from
 linear & pie customizable templates for preloader & slideshow indicator
 use your favorite font
 user defined text properties - size, color, align, margin, leading & letter spacing adjustments
unlimited combinations & possibilities

3D Image Transitions:

 real 3D Transitions
 flat & phong shading
 horizontal or vertical cubing
 transition direction - left, right, up, down
 duration & delay
 cube color
 automatic forward-backward transition direction manager to override global settings for each transition ...