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iceProjector 1.5

Last modified: 08-27-2003@02:54 | Downloads: 3756 | Page views: 17951
FLASHANTS released version 1.5 of their projector tool, iceProjector. Users can create windowless desktop applications from flash movies, for example screen mates, desktop toys, CD launchers, desktop branding & marketing tools, e-catalogs, virtual pets

30+ new fscommands to customize right-mouse-clicks menu, read/write system registry, launch external programs, execute shell commands, speedup full-screen animation, and control program behavior.


• system tray icon and the tray icon menu control.(fas.systray.*)
• remote files download to local folder. (fas.shell.download)
• download event handling and error handling . (fas.event.download)
• move local file to different folder.(fas.shell.moveFile)
• delete local file.(fas.shell.deleteFile)
• check if another exe instance is running or not.(fas.shell.isRunning)
• remove the Quit item in the right-mouse-click menu.
• remove the About Flashants item in the right-mouse-click menu.
• retrieve iceProjector's version info.


• Support anti-alias edge and alpha-channel in win2000/XP.
• Unique Clean Edge technology to eliminate noises on edge (Win95/98/ME/NT).
• Unique Smart Drag technology to make whole movie area allow to drag.
• Receive all desktop mouse events automatically, even when outside the movie region.
• Instant preview of the result (WYSIWYG).
• Configurable menu items and programmable event handling for right-mouse-clicks.
• Support to Read/Write system registry information.
• Support shell commands to launch external app from Flash fscommand.
• Performance improvement for fullscreen animation with spriteBound fscommand.