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Liatro SWF Decoder 5

Last modified: 11-14-2004@00:36 | Downloads: 17381 | Page views: 45422
Version 5 of Liatro SWF Decoder is available. It lets you view, browse, analyze and extract all resources from Flash movie file(SWF), including ActionScript, buttons, shapes, images, sprites, texts, fonts, frames and sounds. Resources are extracted as usable JPEG, MP3, wav, text or SWF files.

key features:

• SWF catcher plugin for IE.
• Simply click the SWF file in the embedded explorer,the program will decode the movie and generate a visual element tree. You can export any element in the tree, you can also view the selected element with the build-in flash player.
• Supports Flash movies in format both *.swf and *.exe;
• Extracts all resources from movie and sorts them by categories;
• Decompiles and generates neat and readable code;
• Enables to scan the cache of IE and list all viewed flash files;
• Support stream sound.
• Support decoding sprite.