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VisDoc 2.1.8

Last modified: 01-31-2009@02:14 | Downloads: 1672 | Page views: 14690
VisDoc 2.1.8
VisDoc generates html documentation from ActionScript 2.0, 3.0 and Java class files. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

- Universal Binary
- Parses methods, properties, class type, superclasses, interfaces
- Groups Class methods, Instance methods, Event handlers, Class properties, Constants and Instance properties
- Creates overview pages of classes, methods, properties, constants and deprecated members.
- ActionScript 2.0: Parses get and set methods as property variables; recognizes cases when get and set use different variable types get/set example
- Parses Javadoc-style comments, with additional tags tags example
- Support for html formatted text inside doc comments html example
- Cleanly designed default layout of documentation
- default output is XHTML strict, W3C validated
- XSL and CSS are editable within the app
- Full code colorizing support
- Optionally save as xml
- Add your own copyright to the pages
- Save and load project files
- Immediately view output in browser
- Edit your custom CSS and XSL styles in the application