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SmartFoxServer Community Edition 2X

Last modified: 04-27-2011@00:51 | Downloads: 627 | Page views: 5733
SmartFoxServer Community Edition 2X
SmartFoxServer 2X (shorty SFS2X) takes the core SmartFoxServer philosophy and expands it in new directions, introducing dozens of improvements and focusing on a few precise goals: simplicity of use, versatility, performance.

SmartFoxServer 2X Community Edition is the ideal tool for anyone to evaluate and get started with one of the most sophisticated multiplayer framework available. Developers, indie game studios, students, educational institutes... anyone can enjoy developing for free with SFS2X.

You will be able to evaluate the product as long as you wish, develop your own projects and put them in production. You will also be able to choose among very affordable commercial licenses for all project sizes and with a friendly upgrade fee.