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Gordon 1.7.1

Last modified: 11-15-2006@00:23 | Downloads: 8020 | Page views: 30605
Gordon 1.7.1
Impressive list of features to parse, edit and convert Flash movies on Mac. It decompiles all ActionsScript and accurately displays all elements.

Key features:

• PDF and TIFF export
• Features an easy to use Flash MX based user interface including context sensitive information panels. All graphic resources are displayed on the Stage while all control structures can be navigated inside the Timeline and Movie Explorer.
• Read Flash 3, 4, 5, MX and MX 2004 format.
• Split nested Movie Clips into single SWF files, that can be imported into Macromedia Flash.
• Quickly update your previously published SWF files to compressed or uncompressed MX format.
• unprotect or protect SWF files, change movie size, background color and frame rate. You can do all this without having access to the original FLA document or a Macromedia Flash application.
• the capability to edit export and import assets
• an expandable timeline that lets you view all frames at once.
• a zoomable stage that may be dragged and clicked to select graphics.
• a separate resizable library panel including a new font symbol preview.
• Gordon is built for Mac OS 10.1 or newer and is 10.2 Jaguar compatible.