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JW Player 5.9

Last modified: 06-12-2012@17:20 | Downloads: 3420 | Page views: 19755
JW Player 5.9
Flash & HTML5 Video Player for FLV, H.264, MP3 and YouTube Videos for your website. Skin it. Script it. Embed it anywhere. Play it on your iPhone or iPad, too.

The most comprehensive feature set of any video player on the Web

- From skinning to streaming to analytics to advertising — the JW Player does it all. And now with integrated HTML5 support your videos will play on any HTML5-enabled device (hint: iPad).
- The JW Player supports a simple-to-use skinning model which works in both Flash and HTML5 playback modes. Just drop the skin on your web server and tell the player where to find it.
- HTML5 is still in its infancy, but that doesn't mean you can't start using it. Embed your content with the <video> tag and wire a JW Player to it. You get to choose between Flash or HTML5 as the primary playback mode and the player will automatically fall back to the other mode when needed.
- A rapidly growing number of handheld devices support either Flash or HTML5 for video playback. The JW Embedder will auto-detect which playback mode is supported by a user's device and select accordingly. iPhone and iPad, Android Devices.
- The JW Player plugin library is the largest of any video player or platform on the market — period. Add endless features: Analytics, Advertising, Sharing & Social Media