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FMProjector 1.5.4

Last modified: 11-02-2002@01:46 | Downloads: 4869 | Page views: 21308
FMProjector extends the power of Flash to create standalone program containing highly interactive rich media contents. FMProjector provides more than 50 powerful fscommands to import and control native videos file and streaming, import 3D objects and PDF, control application window appearance and behavior, access system registry and issue shell commands.

Using the bundled smartclips, designers can easily make use of the power of FMProjector with no learning effort. FMProjector supports mpeg, wmv, asf, .asx, avi, etc and all media formats supported by Window Media Player.

• Embed and fully control native video in FLASH (.asf, .asx, .avi, .mpeg, wmv... )
• Embed PDF files in Flash window!
• Support system registry information read/write.
• Launch shell commands and external programs.
• Complete video event handle including asf/wmv scripts and markers.
• Video playback quality and performance as good as original video clip
• Video Control: Load, Play, Pause, Stop
• Audio Control: Mute, Volume Control, Balance Control
• Configurable projector's window appearance (Window position and window size, Window title, Window style, Drag & Drop, Remove the top menu, Forces full screen or open in a custom window, Set the window to always on top, Make the whole window draggable