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Hoolicon 5.21

Last modified: 11-14-2008@21:49 | Downloads: 2959 | Page views: 13942
Hoolicon 5.21
Hoolicon replaces the standard icon of a Macromedia Flash or Director projector into one that you choose yourself. You can give your CD-ROM projects a more personal & professional touch.

Almost any executable file's icon can be altered with the help of Hoolicon. It handles both 32 bit .EXE files, as well as 16 bit executables. Hoolicon will also correctly handle the new XP icon format, which is being used in Director 8.5 and Flash 6 projectors. Special Flash modifation capabilities:

 It can disable the right-click popup menu
 Disable the top menu bar, and disable the keyboard shortcut keys.
 Alter the title bar of the Flash projector.