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GamePad 4 Flash 1.4

Last modified: 11-19-2010@19:25 | Downloads: 2536 | Page views: 16030
GamePad 4 Flash 1.4
Tired of playing flash and shockwave games with just the keyboard? GamePad 4 Flash allows you to play flash and shockwave games with a joystick or gamepad.

- Each of the axis and button options has 68 keys to choose from.
- The latest version also lets you create and save multiple game settings for easy setup when you are ready to play.
- An option to disable GP4F without closing it out, if needed.

New features include...

- Emulation code was rewritten and behaves exactly like using the keyboard when playing games.
- Lower cpu usage.
- Confirmations when deleting or editing game settings.
- Requires a gamepad/joystick and Direct-X 7 or better.