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AnimationPackage 2.0

Last modified: 01-03-2005@23:04 | Downloads: 14909 | Page views: 44687
AnimationPackage 2.0
AnimationPackage is an ActionScript 2.0 library and it is compatible to Flash Player 8 and above. AnimationPackage helps you to create powerful, maintainable animations in an efficient and easy way

There are two different ways in Flash to create animations (tweening) with ActionScript. Either based on frames (onEnterFrame) or based on time (setInterval). In general, frame-based tweening is more accurate and faster than time-based tweening but forces you to specify frames for duration instead of time (i.e. milliseconds). For the latter AnimationPackage offers a workaround, though.

AnimationPackage can use both approaches, time-based tweening or frame-based tweening. By default, it uses Macromedia's standard tween-engine from mx.effects.Tween, which is time-based tweening. For frame-based tweening a tween-engine based on André Michelle's ImpulsDispatcher can be used, instead.