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ScreenFlash 2.5

Last modified: 08-27-2010@02:56 | Downloads: 4267 | Page views: 17881
ScreenFlash 2.5
ScreenFlash captures the action and sound from any part of Windows desktop and saves it to a Macromedia Flash movie file. Some of the new features: Crop, Merge two movies, Alterable canvas, Loading page, Play control bar,...

SWF files exported from ScreenFlash are very small, easy to spread on web. Optional graphics quality gives you more flexibility. Lossless compression can provide high graphic quality but the file size is a bit large. Lossy compression can reach the maximal compression ratio but the graphic quality is low. ScreenFlash's standard Windows-style interface is instantly familiar, allowing novices to create a professional-looking demo or tutorial in minutes. The onscreen "movies" you create with ScreenFlash can be interactive or non-interactive. Customize your tutorials with prompts, images, audio, special effects, and more.