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Sonoport Sound Collection 1 2

Last modified: 08-19-2010@01:28 | Downloads: 1067 | Page views: 6501
Sonoport Sound Collection 1 2
The Sonoport dynamic AS3 audio library incorporates proprietary AS3 technology to create algorithmically generated sound.

The free package contains 40 sound models which can be implemented in any AS3 development environment and comes in the form of MXP and SWC files. Each sound model is between 30-50kb in size and can output multiple variations of a selected sound, delivering a richer and more realistic user experience. Each sound model can also output an infinite and varying sound playback without any increase in file size.

This package includes readme files to assist in the installation process and an End User Agreement. They are for non-commercial use only.
You can listen to the sounds at this site: http://www.sonoport.com/store/sounds/.