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SmartFoxServer PRO 1.6.6

Last modified: 03-04-2008@23:54 | Downloads: 4045 | Page views: 14533
SmartFoxServer PRO 1.6.6
Rapidly prototype and develop any type of multiuser application with the support of a powerful server side framework and highly productive languages such as Actionscript, Javascript, Python and Java.

- Advanced Proxy/Firewall traversal add-on (BlueBox) allows clients under restricted network conditions to enjoy fast multiplayer interactions.
- With the new, embedded web server, all you need to deploy your application is SmartFoxServer and a Java runtime. The http server also allows integration of file uploads and dynamic web pages with the multiplayer application.
- Easily connect to all major database engines (MySQL, Access, MS SQL etc...)
- High performance JDBC compliant embedded database engine.
- Live Audio/Video streaming support
- Integrate with the Java framework and any additional java library to add advanced functionalities to your applications ( Spring, Hibernate, etc... )
If you can program in Java, you can even embed any Java classes in your AS code and use them as if they were Actionscript objects!
- Various serialization protocols are available (XML, JSON, String/raw) allowing developers to effectively reduce the amount of data transferred, allowing fast realtime action and optimized bandwidth usage.
- Remotely add/start/stop and debug your extensions with the provided Administrator Tool and without the need of restarting the server. Automatic extension recompiling is also available to speed up the debug/development phases.