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PowerPoint to Flash 2.6.1

Last modified: 04-18-2010@01:59 | Downloads: 6058 | Page views: 21811
PowerPoint to Flash 2.6.1
PowerPoint to Flash enables you to transfer bulk PowerPoint presentations into Flash, the most popular platform independent format.

- Your skills on composing presentations with PowerPoint are not obsolete, just continue making your presentations with PowerPoint, and then covert them into Flash later.
- You can convert multiple PowerPoint presentations at once.
- You can add PowerPoint presentation by simply drag them into PowerPoint to Flash window.
- The PowerPoint presentation can be converted into a single Flash file, or multiple Flash files each contains a single slide.
- You can customize the navigation panel of the converted Flash.
- The rehearsal timing info of original PowerPoint presentation can be reserved after converting.
- International characters inside the original PowerPoint presentations can be converted without any problem.