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AtPresent Recorder Pro 3.1

Last modified: 06-14-2006@23:46 | Downloads: 4467 | Page views: 21717
AtPresent Recorder Pro 3.1
You can record any application from your computer screen and save it in the Macromedia Flash format. You can also prepare screenshots or export captured information into the AtPresent Editor project for further editing.

• catch full screen or particular rectangular area of the screen
• catch mouse position and cursor type
• edit captured mouse cursor position and type
• capture only not equal sequential screens
• catch single/double mouse clicks
• observe and delete captured screens
• restore deleted screenshots
• timeline control
• set duration time for each captured screen
• set mouse cursor motion duration time separately from the screen\\\'s duration time
• prepare the project for AtPresent Editor application
• create the Flash movie
• prepare screenshots (copy to clipboard, save to file)
• save screenshots as the sequence of HTML pages
• define cursor motion smoothness
• change all movie playing speed
• define working area for all captured content
• add mouse tracing