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Lizard Flashguard Flash Security 1.1.4

Last modified: 03-11-2010@20:53 | Downloads: 735 | Page views: 7747
Lizard Flashguard Flash Security 1.1.4
SWF adobe flash file security with encryption & DRM. Stop copying, decompiling, sharing, modifying, screen grabbing. Control the number of views, prints, & expiry. No useless obfuscation or passwords.

- Complete and secure control over flash usage - viewing, printing, copying, modifying, saving, screen grabbing, etc.
- Automatically prevents flash copying, decompiling, modifying and saving.
- Automatically prevents use of Windows print screen and screen grabber applications.
- User and content expiry - you decide how long users can view your protected flash files. Great for subscription services, time limited trials, and showcasing your applications.
- Expire flash files on a certain date, after a number of days, or after a number of views.
- Instant user and file revocation - terminate access to protected flash files instantly.
- Protects the underlying source code (nested scripts, objects, images, and animation) and the displayed flash content ensuring complete copy protection of both form and format.
- Your source code is not altered in any way, ensuring your flash files continue working as before they were protected.
- No useless passwords or javascript!