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Xplosive VX 1.1

Last modified: 01-08-2007@09:21 | Downloads: 2130 | Page views: 11838
Xplosive VX 1.1
Adding Flash animations to your websites and PowerPoint documents can enhance them in ways that you never thought possible.

- No Programming or Design knowledge is required
- Modify the width, height and colour of your movie.
- Add Multiline Text Effects to your projects with no limit on content
- Select from a range of Preloaded Background Effects to bring your movies to life.
- Import your own Image Files (JPG, PNG, GIF)
- Import MP3 Sound Files and attach playback controls with prebuilt sound controllers.
- Add Static Text to your stage and control its properties.
- Apply a HTML or JavaScript link to your movie.
- Save your project files to edit at anytime.
- Publish your movies to the popular Flash player 8 (swf) format.