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Action Script Viewer, ASV 2017/09.14

Last modified: 09-14-2017@01:07 | Downloads: 45845 | Page views: 109203
Action Script Viewer, ASV  2017/09.14
Action Script Viewer (ASV) is a SWF (Flash) decompiler, a Win32 application which mainly lets you see the actionscripts in SWF (Flash movie) files, lets you extract resources (bitmaps, sounds, videos, fonts,...) from SWF files,

Main features:

All symbols, all layers or any selection in the timeline can be saved as a SWF file.
All sounds and bitmaps can be extracted as JPG/PNG/WAV/MP3 files.
SWF version 3, 4, 5, MX and MX 2004, 8 fully supported.
ASV can now save a Font symbol with an export ID.
Extract outlines of graphic symbols (no fills) as Flash MX actionscript and as a .SVG file.
Extract glyphs of font symbols as Flash MX actionscript.
Support for linked video symbols, device sounds etc.
Ability to edit actionscript constants
Multiple SWF files and SWF files embedded in EXE projectors can be opened.
With the new 'Run Menu', now you can easily define and run external applications.
ASV can show actionscripts as p-code too.
Simple movie information like width, height, framerate can be modified.
extract MP3 files wrapped in WAV/RIFF tags.

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