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AtPresent Editor 1.3

Last modified: 06-14-2006@23:41 | Downloads: 8201 | Page views: 30146
AtPresent Editor 1.3
AtPresent Editor is the presentation building software. You can easily create interactive Macromedia Flash - based presentations, simulations, demos, tutorials... Without any programming knowledge!

• Compile your content visually
• Add interactions to let users communicate with your presentation
• Add positive/negative reactions on user action both for any interactive element and/or for the whole screen
• Add transformations to objects that are placed to screen
• Apply different font styles for your texts, make them scrollable, selectable, etc.
• Add skin frames (as balloons, shadow, scrollbar) for text elements
• Add mouse cursors and mouse clicks, substitute the system mouse
• Use data from input fields later in texts in your presentation
• Preview presentation in browser from any screen you want
• Customizable navigation between screens