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BeamServer 2

Last modified: 06-18-2008@07:33 | Downloads: 618 | Page views: 7034
BeamServer 2
BeamServer is a socket server for .Net/Unity3D/Flash. Typical applications include real-time multiplayer online games, data broadcasting systems, rich database front-ends

The BeamServer Pro packet includes the basic functionality of our middleware technology for the easy development of multi-user applications. BeamServer is a highly scalable and extendable engine for the development of multi-user applications, it supports XML and binary sockets and can be used on the development of multi-user applications.


 Highly productive: The unique architecture of BeamServer allows the quick development of multi-user applications, maximizing the productivity.
 Multi-thread: Will support any number of connections, limited only by the system resources.
 Native Flash 9 support: BeamServer supports the native development of multiplayer Flash 9 applications using binary sockets, which allows the client-server data communication in the native format of Actionscript 3.0. The BeamServer solution includes a client API for Actionscript 3.0, which supplies a high level layer for the Flash 9 client development in a quick, easy and efficient way.