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Ignite 1.0

Last modified: 12-31-2008@18:22 | Downloads: 693 | Page views: 7206
Ignite, the latest animation tool from epgSoft, makes it simple to create Flash-based animations for your website.

Visual Layout
Add text and images to your animation (known as a movie in Ignite) and visually lay them out, making it simple to design the look of your movie.

Enter and Exit Effects
Add effects to your text and images, specifying how they should enter and exit the movie. Basic effects can be combined to make more sophisticated effects. Full control of effect sequence and timing is supported.

Add additional animation for more complex movies. Animation actions include move, rotate, scale, fade, show, and hide. Full control of animation sequence and timing is supported.

Specify actions to be performed when a text or image is clicked on, or when a movie ends. Actions include pausing and playing the movie, loading a new movie, or going to a new web page.

Movie Preview
Preview movies, individual effects, or animation at any time.

Flash Generation
Generate Flash files from your movies along with sample HTML files.