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URL Action Editor 5

Last modified: 11-01-2005@23:20 | Downloads: 201 | Page views: 38856
URL Action Editor 5
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URL Action Editor version supports Flash 8. Edit the URL related actions (getURL, LoadMovie, UnloadMovie, LoadVariables, ...) in SWF files which is useful if you lose the FLA source and need to change the URL addresses for example in banners.

Main features:

 Edit colors in vector symbols (graphics and text).
 Change the URL in SWF files if you lost the FLA. In case there are graphical symbols referring to those URLs, the utility will also let you hide/change certain types of symbols.
 See the list of, Edit string/number parameters of, or Disable if necessary, the supported URL-related actions in a SWF
 See the list of symbols in a SWF (except streaming sounds), where you can Import a symbol from another SWF or Replace a symbol with another one from another SWF or Modify the URL of an imported symbol or the text of dynamic/input text symbols.
 See the list of timelines and frames in a SWF, Hide a symbol (layer) on a timeline or Change a symbol with another one where you can use previously imported/replaced symbols which effectively lets you change a symbol (except streaming sounds) on a timeline with another symbol from another SWF.
 Open SWFs embedded in projectors and other EXE files.