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FlashDigger Plus 4.08

Last modified: 01-21-2005@00:35 | Downloads: 9105 | Page views: 32333
FlashDigger Plus 4.08
Explore SWF files, extract and edit text, graphics, sound and actions.

• SWF graphics can be exported in JPEG, PNG, and BMP format.
• Sounds are saved in MP3 or WAV.
• Shapes and buttons can be saved as a reusable (importable) objects.
• You can explore SWF file listings,
• change scene sizes and frame rates, add/remove frames,
• add/remove or modify actions,
• change object placement,
• change a hyperlink associated with a button object,
• apply a hyperlink to a movie or to any rectagular area of its scene
• update graphics, remove objects from a scene
• update a button or a frame sound
• apply a soundtrack to a movie or to any clip
• compress or decompress, protect or unprotect SWF files,
• import SWF files from projectors (EXE)
• and convert SWF files to EXE with a set of extended options.